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DANZA Kuduro – Guess Who’s Back • ROMKERT • 05/19

On Pentecost Sunday this year, not only is it marked in red on the calendar, but it’s also doubly underlined: the DANZA team is returning to Romkert, the summer oasis! 😍🌉🌴

We can hardly believe we’re writing the following lines: on May 19th, we’re once again luring you to the foot of the hill, our dancing-footed friends! 💃🏽🕺🏽

If you haven’t memorized the DANZA + Romkert equation yet, let us help: we’ll be dancing to scorching R’n’B/Hip-Hop/Reggaeton hits under the starry sky – strictly until sunrise, sipping on our favorite cocktails … something’s dawning, right? 😛🔥🌌

May 19th – Romkert! We await you at the foot of the hill!
☑ Age limit:
On the dance floor: 17+
VIP: 18+

➟ The management reserves the rights of admission. There is face and dress control.
➟ The club has one entry policy.




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