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From Tuesday to Saturday, carefree entertainment...


ROMKERT, which evokes the best nightclubs of Western Europe, will be open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday - so to speak - it is surely the ‘Nightclub of the Summer’. During the day a waterfront oasis, and in the evening, a superclub cooled by the winds of the Danube, are embodied in one of the largest catering investments of recent years.

We will have plenty of opportunities to take a look at the weekly renewable premium program offerings, so everyone can find the most ideal opportunities for them. What is definitely guaranteed is the unique, four-dimensional sense of experience!

From Tuesday to Saturday, carefree entertainment...


Enjoy your evening in an exclusive setting! Maximum comfort and an elite ambiance await every evening in the VIP section of ROMKERT, where special service, lounge chairs, and incredible views make your party experience complete. Book a table for any evening, be the center of attention, and indulge in the audio-visual pampering!


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